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AUC 2nd  annual conference : KCL, 2013

Journal Special issue Editing 

2011 Guest editor Cities, Creative cities and the recession


2009 Guest editor of Information Communication and Society v 12 on Copyright and the Music Industry


2008 Guest editor of Theory Culture and Society annual review on precarious labour and the cultural industries


2008 Guest editor of special issue of Growth and Change 39.1 on Cultural Commodity Chains


2005  Guest editor and special issue of International Journal of Cultural Policy 11.1 on the cultural industries (with Prof D. Hesmondhaulgh, Open University, Sociology)


2003  Special issue on the creative industries in  Creativity and Innovation Management 11:4 (Guest Editor with Prof P Jeffcutt, Dept of Management, Queens Belfast)


1997   Special issue on cultural industries, Environment and Planning Vol A: 29, 11


1993   Special issue on the electronics industry and FDI, Environment and Planning C: Government and policy, Vol 10


1992 Special issue on the debate about environmental pricing. Journal of Environmental Planning  and Management, Vol 36

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