*Current PhD Students (6):

Charlotte Bonham-Carter

Ulrike Chounguley

Jin Yi Wu

Emma Jones

Matías Alberto Muñoz Hernandez

Stefania Donini (Guildhall)

* I have supervised 25 PhD theses to completion:

Yu-Fang Shen (1995) Industrial development in Shanghai municipality 1978-1994

Helen Jarvis (1997) Negotiating gender divisions of labour: the role of household strategies in explaining residential mobility in Britain

Judith Cherni (1997) The contradictions of economic growth: environmental pollution, ill health and economic development in Houston, Texas

Cheng-Chong Wu (1998) The concept of urban sustainability: co-ordinating everyday life and institutional structures in London

Simon Leonard (1999) Geographies of labour market regulation: industrial training in Government training centres and skill centres in Britain and London 1917-93

Ioannis Chorianopolous (2000) Urban governance and territorial competition in Europe: an analysis of North South diversity in policy networks

Christian Parenti (2001) The social dimensions of San Francisco’s growth machine: a case study of the matrix programme

Olga Becker (2003) Recent settlement in Brazilian Amazonia: labour mobility and environmental degradation

Jangwook Seo (2004) Urbanisation and balanced regional economic development in South Korea (MPhil)

Susan Moore (2005) New urbanism – a critical analysis: A case study of Toronto

Nick Wilson (2007) Labour markets and the early music sector

(June) Chi-Jung Chu (2010): The changing role of the state in museum provision: a comparative analysis of Britain and Taiwan

Jonathan Gander (2011): The organisation of popular culture production systems: a case study of music production processes in the UK

Sabine Uffer (2011): Shrinking cities and governance: Berlin

Jenny M’Baye (2012): Hip-hop music in West Africa (Burkina Faso and Senegal): from cultural  entrepreneurship to social change

Tarek Virani (2012): The impact of the cultural economy’s recent rise in importance on artistic

creation and artistic pursuits through an examination of a local art community

Aaron van Klyton (2012): The Social Life of (world music) Musicians

Toby Bennett

Kate Mattocks

Aysegul Kesimoglu

*I have been external examiner for 30 PhD theses

*Potential / Future PhD applicants:

There is much competition for, and a finite amount of, my time. If you want to be supervised by me you will need to develop a research proposal close to one of my areas of interest . Enquiries should be made to via an initial research proposal that meet the guidelines on the  City web pages. Additionally, I have an upper limit of 6-7 PhD (full time equivalent) students at any one time.


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